Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Virgil Wright taking care of injured father, 1919

"Virgil Wright taking care of father," announcement, Alexandria Times-Tribune, 31 January 1919; online images, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : accessed 29 March 2015).
Virgil Wright is taking care of his father, John Wright, who had his hand injured last week, as noted in the Times-Tribune.


My maternal great-grandfather, Virgil Wright (1894-1972), was mentioned in this snippet from the Times-Tribune as taking care of his widowed father, John William Wright (1860-1945), who had been injured in a farming accident.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Party in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maddox, 1918

"In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maddox," announcement, Alexandria Times-Tribune, 4 March 1918; online images, Newspapers.com (www.newspapers.com : accessed 29 March 2015).

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maddox, who will soon move to their new home south of Linwood, a party was given last Tuesday night.  Refreshments were served, and a general good time enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clevenger, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Bowers, Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Purl Ice, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gooding,Mr. and Mrs. Rube Maddox, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stephenson and familes, Mrs. Lon Nichols, Wm. Dickey, Walter Davis and son Ralph, George Hughes.  The Misses Mary Vermillion, Hazel Nichols, Sybrina Tobin, Leona Hughes, Sybrina Tobin, Leona Hughes, Messrs. Marshall Stephenson, Thomas and Edward Tobin.


My maternal great-grandparents, Virgil and Edna (Pierce) Wright, were attendees at this party hosted for Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Maddox.

I do not know if this Maddox family was related to the family of Edna's stepmother, Vida (Maddox) Pierce.

I also do not yet know the relationship, if any, with the Frank Wright family. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Linked my Rootsmagic to FamilySearch

I finally decided to take advantage of one of the features of my Rootsmagic 7 software and link my genealogy database with FamilySearch.  I'd read the helpful posts Randy Seaver had written about using the software with FamilySearch's Family Tree and am eager to see what online collaboration brings to my database.

The first step was to log into FamilySearch with my free account and then have RootsMagic do an auto-match to find matches between my database and the online database.  My database is quite large, as it contains not only my ancestors, but Eileen's and Corinne's as well as unconnected Lemaster family members.  Of the over 31,000 names in the file, RootsMagic matched 20,694 with FamilySearch.

Now that I've synched the two databases, FamilySearch has gone behind the scenes and notified me that it has new information on over 3000 of my people.  These would be hints to documents in their databases.  My next step is to start going through these hints and seeing what information they find, as well as sharing information from my database to the online tree at FamilySearch.

I already have a small tree online at Ancestry, but am looking forward to using the free tree at FamilySearch, as many of my contacts don't have an Ancestry subscription.